Sunday, August 14, 2011

Officially Car Free in Rural America

A couple of weeks ago, the local sheriff told me I had to move my car. It hasn't been running for a couple of years and as I walk everywhere, I didn't take the time to get it fixed. In January of 2011, in a snow plowing event, they towed the car. I did have a twenty-four hour parking spot, and they usually called me to move it, but this time they didn't, and it got towed. $160.02 later, the car has moved to the local place where cars go to die. Our local junk yard.

Several acquaintances expressed dismay that I was carless. An older lady even went so far as to drop hints that she would be willing to sell me hers because she wanted a new one. To tell you the truth, I was relieved. No insurance, no maintenance, no scraping windows. I have two good feet, and am within a five minute walk to work. I have a bicycle for long distances and am getting stronger going up inclines. I still walk up the hills, as it is a onespeed, but that is okay with me.